Go Get It

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard.

Go Get It

There Are Levels To This Game And We Shoot For Them All.

Go Get It

Everyone says they want it but you have to go and GET IT.

Go Get It

Do Something…Be Remembered. Do Nothing… Be forgotten.

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Welcome To Levels Basketball Training

Levels Basketball Training was launched by National and European Basketball Champion Antywane Robinson as an exclusive basketball development program for athletes of all levels and ages across North Carolina. Levels Basketball Training offers a no gimmick approach to training with an intense vigor that addresses the fundamentals of basketball, the power of repetition and how champions are built both on and off the court. Antywane’s program will push and pull the limits of an athlete’s mental state and physical stamina, requiring a dedicated level of commitment from the athlete.


Individual Workouts

Our individual development sessions give the athlete the opportunity to work with Antywane, one-on-one.

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group workouts

Our group development sessions provide players a workout in a team setting.

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team workouts

Our team development sessions provide individual teams of all levels the opportunity to work with Antywane.

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Get To The Next Level

Levels basketball training will challenge an athletes physical and mental skill set to continuously reach new levels. This is what it takes to be a champion at the highest levels. Do you have what it takes to be a Levels athlete?

Individual Skills Development


Group Skills development


Team Skills development


Professional Athlete Skills development


Our Developmental Coach

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Levels basketball development coaches provide a vigorous program challenging you to push beyond your mental and physical limits to help transform and elevate your game. 


Antywane Robinson

Professional Basketball Player

Antywane Robinson knows all about hard work outperforming talent. His 13-year professional career was built on his work ethic established at a young age after being told the odds of reaching his dreams were stacked against him.


Levels Basketball Trainers

levels basketball trainer

Do you have what it takes to help take our clients skill level to the next level. If so please contact us today we are always looking for talented trainers to expand our reach.

There are levels to this game, we

shoot for


“We played together in the Jr. Olympics. We went to Venezuela. We were over there hanging out and chilling and I learned He is a very athletic, and he can shoot. Trust me, he can shoot! A lot of people sleep on him, but he got game!”


Carmelo Anthony

NBA Player

““He can shoot the ball, he can rebound the ball.... he can play two spots- he can play three and four. And he helps our team by being able to play three and four as well being a student of the game.”


Maurice Cheeks

NBA Coach

“With Antywane’s gravitas the kids are always eager to learn from him and he always finds creative ways to help transform their game!”


Charisse Mapp

Charlotte Latin Varsity girls basketball coach

Levels Basketball Training

Get yourself ready for the game by learning some of the most effective offensive and defensive skills. Join Us today to take your game to the next level.